We are on of the best Custom House Agents in Sri Lanka. Our major clearance goes for Motor Vehicles but also handles Containers and other general cargo.
We consider the best services for our Customers (importers).We make sure they have the highest comfort and satisfaction during our service provision. Even if the customer resides out of Colombo(outstation),we provide our service in such a manner that the customer need not visit Colombo in order to get his/her vehicle cleared. From the process of issuing a Performa invoice till the registration of the vehicle at RMV will be done by us. All you have to do is inform us the supplier of your vehicle and their contact number. Once they agree to provide you a vehicle, we will do everything else for you. But of course with your corporation. Following are the services that we provide.

If the vehicle is small Car our clearing charge (including shipping line DO charges,cupid agent fee, harbour expenses) will be only LKR 23,900. Given that SLPA charge will be paid separately according to the vehicle type and model. If the vehicle is delivered via our driving staff (drive the vehicle from Hambanthota to the required destination) delivery will cost only LKR 4,000 or if the customer choose car carriers, it will cost LKR 10,500 other than the above, there is no hidden charges. If there any doubts regarding the charges please contact us.

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Registration of vehicles is always followed by clearing of a vehicles if you need the vehicles to run on road, simple as that. Once your vehicle is cleared, and if you need to use it legally in Sri Lanka we need to register the vehicle at the Registration of Motor Vehicles Department in Sri Lanka commonly known as the R.M.V situated in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Similar to Clearing this also needs certain documents and also payments to the R. M. V. We are not only clearing and forwarding agents, we are specialized in both vehicle clearing and registartion of vehicles in Sri Lanka. Therfore we are honored and excited to provide you our best service.


Duties of items always vary. For Example duty of food is different from each food. But we can tell you the approximate duty for any item as closer as possible. All you have to do is tell us the product and the capacities of them. Duties of vehicles are now calculated for the Customs given FOB rather than Agent FOB. Therefore now there is a facility for our customers to see the Customs determined FOB values of vehicles. For this FOB, Freight and Insurance is added. This way we can inform you the approximate duty of a vehicle. Select the model and let us know.

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