There are 2 ways you can order a vehicle

1. Buy from immediate available stock of vehicles
We will send the details and photos of available vehicles. All you need to do is select your desired vehicle.

2. Order from Japan auctions through us
We will email details and photos of available vehicles in the auctions of your selected model. Once you have decided, we will start bidding after a deposit of JPY 500,000 is made to the Auction house in Japan. The deposit is fully refundable. But if the vehicle is won and after cancellations are made, the deposit will be considered as order cancellation charge.


  • You select your own vehicle from Japan with good conditions such as accident free, so that you will know all the necessary details about your desire. Make sure the vehicle is certified by the Auction house.
  • If the vehicle is imported by a dealer, the vehicle price will include their VAT as well. Therefore if imported for your own name this VAT and dealer profit is saved.
  • No third party involved. Our vehicle auction handler and import partners in Japan will provide you the best vehicle. Our staff in Japan make sure of it all. A young lady named Kazumi, who is the daughter of Cupid Logistics director.
  • Send us your vehicle requirements, and we will send you the Auction details and photos of the vehicle. If you like it we shall proceed with bidding.


  • First select your vehicle preference. Look in the Auction. Buy it!
  • Next, our partner in Japan will provide proforma invoice which you have to take to your bank to open a Letter of Credit or in short an L/C. We will guide through the L/C opening as well.
  • Our partner will ship the vehicle and will hand over the documents to their negotiation bank.
  • Once the documents are arrived in your local bank, we shall collect them.
  • Thereafter, the most important thing, we shall also proceed to do the clearing process. Which is done solely by us. Clearing is not outsourced. Our director himself handles the clearing activities.
  • Once the ship has arrived in Hambanthota port we will prepare the necessary documents with your corporation.
  • We will inform the exact customs duties for you once the ship is arrived and the Shipping Delivery Order is collected. But we shall give you the approximate duty value well in advance even before you decide to buy the vehicle. So you can ready the needed amount.
  • Once duty and taxes have been paid, within 3 days your vehicle will be cleared. You can come and collect the vehicle at the Hambanthota gate or our driving staff will deliver the vehicle to your doorstep.
  • Your also have the choice of a vehicle carrier to bring your vehicle, if driving is not preferred by you. But there will be carrier charges applied.
  • We shall also register your vehicle once cleared. This is also done by us. No third party companies involved.


  • Clearing : LKR 22,900
  • Delivery (Drive) : LKR 4,000
  • Delivery (Car Carrier) : LKR 10,500
  • Registration : Depending on the vehicle


All the things will be done under one roof. You will not have to travel to Colombo for any customs processes. We need only your acknowledgement. From buying to import to clearing to registration, all will be done by us. None of the tasks are outsourced.
Low cost, Fast Clearance!

Please download the following form and fill in (You can download the form by clicking on the download button below). Buy a vehicle of your desire from Japan.
And send us the filled form as an attachment to our email address.
If filling form is time consuming, just send an email with the required vehicle preferrence to ""

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